About Us

Every action begins with an intention. Serenity™  Scarves  was born from the desire to bring beauty, peace, and mindfulness to our daily prayers. In today's busy world, sometimes the only quiet moments we have are during prayer.  Many of us find, that even then, we are unable to disconnect from our surroundings and be focused and present in prayer. These beautiful one-piece prayer scarves envelop you in yards and yards of silky flowing fabric, leaving you feeling ethereal and full of spirit. Prayer is a time for developing a deep connection with our Creator.  It is a time for self-reflection and soul-searching.  Our desire is to help create an ambiance where true inspiration can be experienced. 
*Serenity Scarves are made of Artificial silk.  To maintain the beauty of the product we recommend to  hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle and air dry. 
Our Story:

I spent the morning at the amazing Alchemy Art Center in Santa Barbara. This Urban Retreat offers wellness-promoting classes and therapies such as reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, massage, and facials. If you are in town put this on your list of places to visit! It was on a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara that Serenity Scarves was born.  Much time there was spent in deep reflection of my life, family, and future goals. I have always had a desire to serve God and humanity. Serenity Scarves allows me this opportunity while engaging my entrepreneurial spirit.   Serenity Scarves combines all these concepts together giving me personal satisfaction by creating a product that promotes peace, serenity and closeness to God. My deepest desire is that Serenity Scarves allows each woman who wears it to feel beautiful and peaceful. The moment I wear my Serenity scarf  I make an intention to dress beautifully and modestly in God's presence. I enter my prayer with those feelings and complete my prayer feeling rejuvenated and connected to GOD.